Grow your e-commerce out of the comfort zone.

With BigHead e-commerces grow faster.

Build your own online income.

Online growth happens by understanding how people buy things online. We help you build a new e-commerce business by working with you and your potential customers.

Your potential to grow is hidden in data

Are your buyers on laptops or mobile devices? What are their concerns when shopping online? How long do they need to make the purchase decision? We measure and learn from data to seize the potential of your store.

Growth happens with discipline

BigHead structures your online business so that you can get repeatable results every month. And grow.


What does it mean to work with us?

"If you are looking for a loyal partner that is willing to dive deep into understanding the specifics of your business and show you how to grow increase sales online then BigHead is your choice"


General manager, Gledring

"BigHead is doing all the online marketing campaigns that helped us grow up to 100% annually. The team is efficient and responsive and know what needs to be done to establish a brand in Central Europe!"

Luka Gledj

Owner & General manager, Withcar

"An energetic and positive young team with a good deal of technical and marketing knowledge. We learned how to understand the whole process of digital marketing and how to use it together with offline marketing."

Ajda Škrokov

Head of Marketing, Reisswolf

"Pri sodelovanju z BHL mi veliko pomeni komunikacija, tedenska porocila in sprotno dogovarjanje glede strategije. Z minimalnim budgetom smo prisli do velikih sprememb in izboljsav v spletni trgovini. Vsec mi je, da se sproti dogovarjamo, kaksni so plani za vsak naslednji teden in da se budget ne porablja za nekaj kar nima pomena."

Gašper Tratnik

Owner and CEO

"Sodelovanje z ekipo BHL zelo cenim. Ekipa je mlada in polna entuziazma, usmerjena predvsem v rast. Njihova strokovnost se izraža v povečevanju prodaje, saj se povečuje iz meseca v mesec. Cilji so jasno zastavljeni in realizirani v roku. Izboljšave opazimo v vseh segmentih spletne prodaje."

Jernej Rančnik

Owner and CEO

"We enjoyed the quality of work and the promptness of team’s reaction to our requests. We believe that’s a group of professional and enthusiasts we could certainly recommend working with"

Igor Basargin

Co-Owner and CEO

Working with us

Why is BigHead better?

Knowledge and insights

We love to solve challenges. By understanding your product, your customers and data, we propose the most cost efficient way to reach your ideal customer.

A devoted team

We love digital challenges and are committed to help you solve yours. Our work makes you profitable, scalable and supported by data.

Discipline & execution

Growth is about discipline, A&B testing and execution. We do that, so that you can focus on your business.

Let's start something great together

We can help you succeed on the web.