Our Story

When a team of e-commerce owners connects

A new way of growing online

After years of working together in e-commerces and SaaS industry we connected a team of people from Ljubljana and London that wanted to do something new in digital marketing.

We’ve all seen the challenges the current online world is facing. The broken advertising experience, the lack of data driven decision making, the lack of result driven strategies.

We’ve decided to change the old, rigid agency model where you pay-per-hour into relationships where we act more like partners. Where it’s in our and client’s best interest for us to grow online mutually instead of billing hours to clients.

BigHead is a team of experts from the field of analytics, UX design, performance advertising, e-commerce and consumer psychology.

We’ve built businesses on our own, apps and e-commerce stores and we know what is the best relationship an agency should offer – because we’ve worked with them, in-them and learned from them.

Welcome to the new way of growing your online business. 


We're fast

We listen, react and advise in real-time.

We're flexible

We work and deliver on monthly KPI’s. That helps us keep our strategy result oriented with the best possible ROI.

We work with you

Our office is in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we collaborate with e-commerce experts from all over the world.

Performance based

Growth doesn’t have to be a budget killer. Write us to see what we can do together here